Why it works

Simply talking about gratitude isn’t enough.

Feeling gratitude should be a more intentional part of your daily routine, so we made Dwelling Boxes a physical reminder to take the time to have the feels!

Making it simple, makes it stick.

One secret to forming lifelong habits is making sure they fit into your daily routine. Dwelling Boxes don’t require anything more than thinking about what you’re grateful for (or not) and writing it down.

Sharing what you are grateful for builds healthy relationship habits.

When you learn what you appreciate about each other, you’re more likely to transform the occasional good deed into healthy relationship habits.

Science says it’s good for you.

Research shows that practicing gratitude increases your dopamine production and encourages your brain to rewire itself to want more of the same. On the flip side, letting go of anger and disappointment can reduce your risk for serious health conditions related to stress, anxiety and depression.