Tips for Dwelling

Step 1: Keep it top of mind.

Place Dwelling Boxes where you can see them everyday. When positive experiences or thoughts occur, write them down and place them in the ++ Dwelling Box. When you find yourself dwelling on negative thoughts or you experience something you’d rather forget -- write it down and place it in the -- Dwelling Box. (psst -- it's sealed shut, so you can be honest.)

Step 2: Celebrate the positive stuff.

Open the ++ Dwelling Box to remember moments of gratitude. As you read them to each other, set intentions to do more of that for each other in the future. We love the idea of doing this on anniversaries, birthdays or New Years Eve!

See tips for a Dwelling Ceremony on the blog.

Step 3: Make the negative stuff disappear.

At the end of the year (or anytime you want to let things go), burn, bury or recycle your -- Dwelling Box in a ceremony that helps you say buh-bye to negative thoughts and feelings.

See tips for a Dwelling Ceremony on the blog.

Step 4: Save the + Dwelling Box

Looking back on a journey can be powerful. Save your ++ Dwelling Box as a time capsule commemorating your journey towards a happier, healthier life. Decorate it with your loved ones and write the date on it.