Why Dwelling Boxes are the perfect closing gift for real estate agents who love their clients.

Why Dwelling Boxes are the perfect closing gift for real estate agents who love their clients.

As a realtor, closing days are the culmination of why you do what you do. You’re walking your client over a huge threshold and ushering them into a new future. You’ve helped them overcome fears, uncertainty, doubts and of course - the stress (but really - the panic attacks) that naturally come with making one of the biggest financial commitments people make in their lives. 

Somewhere along this journey, you’ve listened to their dreams about the future and helped them visualize the life they want to create for themselves and their families. It’s one of the reason’s you love your job, right?

Back to closing day tho - as you usher your client into their new dream home, you're handing them the keys, thanking them for their business and wishing them the best. You may even want to help them celebrate with a thoughtful, personal closing gift. That's where Dwelling Boxes come in. 

Dwelling Boxes are a unique, memorable way to welcome them to their new dwelling. Yep, we did that obvious pun thing and you knew it was coming, so just go with it.)

Here are 3 reasons why Dwelling Boxes are the perfect closing gift:

Dwelling Boxes were built to start a tradition.
Although Dwelling Boxes can be used all year around, they were created as a tradition for letting go of negative thoughts and feeling and helping each other focus on what they appreciate about each other. What better time to help someone start a tradition then when they move into a new home?

Dwelling Boxes actively build a future.
Dwelling Boxes are meant to help families manifest more of what they want from their lives moving forward. What better way to help families stay intentional about the life they want to build? Give them a simple tool to keep those intentions top-of-mind. 

Speaking of top-of-mind - you'll stay there too…

 Dwelling Boxes last longer than cookies and champagne :)

We are huge fans of cute custom cookies and champagne, but the enjoyment is fleeting. Why not add something that keeps your thoughtful gesture front and center year round? As a bonus, when their houseguests ask about Dwelling Boxes - your clients have the perfect opportunity to bring up your name!

Welcome to helping clients dwell on the positive!

~xo Team Dwelling Boxes

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