Three reasons why Dwelling Boxes are the best engagement and wedding gift ever.

Three reasons why Dwelling Boxes are the best engagement and wedding gift ever.

The Perfect Engagement Gift.

Dwelling Boxes are a perfect way to help your newly engaged loved ones build a more grateful mindset in the months leading up to their special day. By writing down what they are grateful for, they will discover what they value in each other and notice the daily behaviors that bring them joy. At the same time, they have a healthy way to cope with the natural stress of planning a wedding and adjusting to this exciting new chapter in their lives. 

Which leads us to the next reason to give the happy couple Dwelling Boxes…

The Perfect Addition to a Wedding Ceremony.

During their wedding ceremony or the celebration afterwards, the happy couple can open the positive box and read their notes to each other. Not only is it sweet (we dare you not to ugly cry), each note is a valuable lesson about the best way to show up for each other every day. It's really that simple - when we find out what brings each other joy, we’re more inclined to turn a random act of kindness into a thoughtful ritual we can use to strengthen our relationships over time. Didn't know that bringing her coffee in bed is her absolute favorite thing in the world? Boom - now ya do - do it all the time. Didn't know he loves it when you show interest in his odd obsession with frisbee golf? Bam - now ya do - do that more often. You get the point.

Which brings us to the final reason Dwelling Boxes are an ideal engagement and wedding gift.

It’s Way Better Than Eating Old Frozen Cake.

The first year of marriage presents all kinds of emotions, challenges and of course, excitement. Why not give the happy couple a tool to focus on the best parts of their first year, while simultaneously giving them a tool to let go of the bumps they encounter along the way. Once it's their anniversary, they can bury or burn the negative box, open the positive box, pop some champagne, eat that weird frozen cake top and re-live all the moments they feel grateful for.

And just like that - you gave them the Best. Gift. Ever.

~xo Team Dwelling Boxes

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