Let's Dwell on the Positives.

Dwelling Boxes are a simple way to help you and the people you love dwell on the positive and let go of the negative.

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Dwelling Boxes Kit

$39.00 $49.00

Dwelling Boxes Kit
Dwelling Boxes Kit Dwelling Boxes Kit Dwelling Boxes Kit Dwelling Boxes Kit Dwelling Boxes Kit Dwelling Boxes Kit

Dwelling Boxes are made with love in the USA. Using the softest 100% recycled paper, Dwelling Boxes are a beautiful canvas you can enjoy as is, or personalize as you wish.

Dwelling Boxes Kit includes:

A ++ Dwelling Box with a lid that opens
A -- Dwelling Box that is sealed shut
2 Inspiration note pads and a pencil for writing it all down

A vinyl sticker
A Dwelling Boxes field guide with tips for throwing your own Dwelling Ceremony.
1 Outer box that doubles as a display tray and keeps your boxes together

Limited quantities.

Here’s how it works

Place your Dwelling Boxes where you can see them everyday. When positive thoughts or experiences happen simply write them down and place them in the ++ Dwelling Box. On the flip side, if you find yourself dwelling on negative thoughts or you experience something you’d rather forget - simply write it down and place it in the -- Dwelling Box. At the end of the year (or anytime you wish to let it go), burn/soak/bury your -- Dwelling Box in a ceremony that helps you say buh-bye to negative thoughts, and open the ++ Dwelling Box to remember and share moments of gratitude with each other.

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Making it simple, makes it stick!

Why these work

Building a mindset takes practice. We made practicing as simple as possible.

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Conversation starter! Dwelling Boxes really helped my kids open up about their thoughts. We've started many new conversations - not always an easy task with teens! PS - we need more vinyl stickers!

– Jenna

Teachers can choose the gift of training young minds to be appreciative and think positively, a skill human beings use the rest of their lives. Having Dwelling Boxes in my classroom is a constant visual tool to create this healthy habit.

– Robin